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Set up for party caricatures

These are actual samples drawn by TOM at parties, conventions and trade shows.

They were drawn on a special paper stock -- although not “archive quality” -- which can accommodate the inks and the speed of the drawing. The inks used vary from alcohol-based to water-based.

The paper is pre-printed with a customized border (sample 1, sample 2, sample 3) to indicate the name of the event/sponsor and date, so that people will always remember where they got their keepsake for years to come.

Speed of drawings done in the party situation average approximately 3 min. per person (although recent drawing speed was clocked at just 71 seconds per person). Therefore, couples require from 4 - 6 min.

Some people are “walking cartoons” and their likeness can be captured in a minute or less.

Wanna see a rough sketch turn into full color?

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