Party Caricatures - Setup - updated 2012

I use an easel which accommodates the typical caricature border sheet.

I also use a clip-on lamp for additional lighting when required, along with a 10 ft. extension cord for access to electrical outlets.

Caricature border sheet designs are pre-printed on a good quality paper measuring 8.5" x 11"(Regular) or 11" x 14" (Large), and can be customized to include the Client's logo, name & date of the event. This makes for a classy presentation of the caricature, as well as a memorable souvenir of the Client's specific event, and therefore serve as terrific promotional tools.


party caricature set-up in action

The Client is to provide chairs (one for the artist and one or two for the people getting drawn), and access to an electrical outlet if additional lighting is required.

Bottled water is appreciated for gigs lasting several hours.

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