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"What I see is what you get!"

Updated August 31, 2012

Follow these links to see samples of caricatures done over the past several years.
A few are in color, and a few were commissioned as black & white. Some examples, however, are preliminary line art for finished color pieces.
Line art & final color versions are displayed online so that you can properly compare the effect color brings to the same "busy" drawing.

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Important Tips in providing the best photo references for the best caricature results.

PARTY Caricatures Interactive slide show (NOTE: Requires the Adobe Flash Player)

Color Pastel Party Caricatures with black mat

Border Sheet Samples for Party Caricatures

Color Border Sample featuring former Canadian PM Brian Mulroney

Set up for party caricatures

CAR-icatures Caricatures added to pre-drawn vehicles

BUTToons Caricatures of Posteriors

Caricature Promo for Calgary Stampede 2003

DARE to COMPARE rough sketches & line art to final color art

FRAMED Art Signed vs. unsigned matt

STUDIO Caricatures 01 Interactive slide show (mostly singles & couples)

STUDIO Caricatures 02 Interactive slide show (mostly larger groups)

VEHICLES in Caricatures Interactive slide show

Wedding Invitations Interactive slide show

MugShots Interactive slide show of Artist Colleagues



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