TOM the Cartoon Guy
Tom Milutinovic is Pennan Inc.'s resident cartoonist / graphic designer.
Cartooning has been Tom's obsession since the first time he picked up a crayon (as a baby) and started marking up the walls of his bedroom. Throughout elementary school, junior & sr. high school, Tom drew cartoons for the school newspapers. Tom's original cartoons even made appearances at the end of term papers & exams throughout his last years of University. Yet it wasn't until after earning a BSc in Psychology (at the tender age of 21) that a friend altered Tom's aspirations by coercing him into finally accepting $5 for a drawing he had done. The moment the bill touched his sweaty outstretched palm, a giant cartoon light bulb switched on over Tom's head. You see, up until that moment, it had never occurred to Tom that people actually got PAID for drawing cartoons!!
The rest, as they say, is History!

Some notable projects Tom has worked on was Election '96 -- a CD-ROM for the U.S. Presidential election in 1996, featuring interactive caricatures of Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Bob Dole & H. Ross Perot, educational campaigns for the Missing Children Society of Canada, the American Bankers Association, the YWCA, and Alberta Health. Tom has also been a contributing artist to CRACKED magazine. Recently, he has done caricatures of the cast of "Canadian Idol" for CTV, and the cast of "The Joe Schmo Show" for Spike TV.

Tom by Gary Fasen

"This caricature of me was actually done by Gary Fasen -- a very talented caricaturist -- in Atlanta, Georgia. I was there for Airstorm '94 (an airbrush artist convention), and saw Gary and his brother Steve set up & cranking out high-calibre caricatures. I figured that it was high time I found out what it felt like on the other side of the paper for the first time. I have to admit that, for a guy who hardly looked at me the whole time he was working, he did a terrific job!"

- Tom

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